Emily W Lam


I'm a doer; more than talk but also a dreamer
Interested in: Future Technologies, Indoor Positioning, Augmented Reality, Cyber-Physical Systems, Design, Writing, and STEAM outreach

Recent Highlights:
  • Defended PhD Dissertation!
  • Awarded US Patent for Ray-Surface Positioning: US Patent No. 10,527,712 B2
  • Presented research on Visible Light Positioning (VLP) at IEEE ICC (2020, 2019, 2018), Global LiFi Congress (2019), and ACM MobiHoc Workshop on SmartObjects (2018)
  • Mentored BU ECE senior design teams on a Connected IOT/AR project (2019: Wizard Chess) and a Laser Tracking project (2018: LaserTrac)
  • Panelist at Arisia Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention (2019, 2018) on Maker topics, e.g. microcontrollers, LEDS, wireless connectivity
  • Devloped with my advisor Prof. Thomas DC Little BU EC444 course on Smart and Connected Systems
  • PhD, MS, & BS in Electrical Engineering from Boston University


"Be prepared. Luck is truly where prepartion meets opportunity."
- Randy Pausch, et al.